We offer three core services: Media Auditing, Benchmarking and Consultation

Our service platform includes:

Television Cost Benchmarking (SMART Report)

Provides TV advertisers with an independent performance assessment of the cost competitiveness of television buy versus competitors and the marketplace based on a database of approximately $1.4 billion in spending.

Media Cost Tracking – all media

Allows advertisers to track their media cost on a “year-over-year” basis to ensure that costs are being delivered in line with or better than market inflation or in line with cost and savings commitments.

Plan vs. Execution Performance Auditing

Verifies that the media buy has been delivered in line with that approved by the advertiser.

General Media Auditing Including Media Financial Management

Verifies that what advertisers are paying for is being delivered.

Consulting on Agency Compensation and Scope of Service Agreements

Working with advertisers to determine the scope of work required from the agency, that fees are in line with industry norms and to establish best media practices and processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Agency Search Management Consulting

Assisting advertisers in selecting the best media agency for their specific needs.

Tracking & Verification of New Business Commitments

Ensuring that media agencies deliver on their commitments made during the pitch process.

New in 2017 - Digital / Online Media Auditing

Digital Media Year-over-year Audits

Digital Buy analytics interrogated on a Year-over- Year basis against a broad range of buy platforms and client-specific KPI’s as measured and tracked throughout the buy process; geared to provide a read of comparative buy performance against prior year activity.


Thorough review of your recent digital media buy. Looks at frequency of reporting, how optimizations are managed, use of frequency-capping, planned vs actual deliveries, pacing of activity relative to plan, site-level cost efficiencies, deliveries against KPI’s (CPCs, eCPMs, CPAs etc), application of tracking and monitoring tools for managing brand safety, fraud and viewability.


Cost tracking analysis on a "like-for-like" basis to verify delivery of cost and / or savings delivery vs. commitments. Can be conducted on either a "year-over-year" basis or against previous agency in cases where a change in agency has occurred.


Forde & Semple Mediaworks employees are internally trained to perform to our performance standards. While auditing, which focuses on benchmarking, tracking, verification and consulting which has a pitch management focus, continue to be hands on and highly labor intensive, the company employs a Forde & Semple Mediaworks designed approach using consultation templates where possible to streamline the process enabling efficiency and cost control. The finished product must pass Forde & Semple quality control standards. Management signs off on all assignments.


Forde & Semple Mediaworks products and services are empirical data based. No other empirical database exists in Canada.

Forde & Semple Mediaworks is an independent media auditing company. We accept no media buying, planning, or agency assignments.

The Canadian media marketplace is unique in the world. It is not just a smaller version of the U.S. media scene. It is much more regulated than the U.S. model, but just as fragmented and just as electronically influenced. All with a population support base one tenth the scale and a much larger land mass.

Forde & Semple Mediaworks understands the unique Canadian marketplace. It’s all we do.

We have a well-regarded international reputation and have worked successfully with most of the name international auditors to provide a Canadian service for their international assignments. Our reports can be designed to fit and seamlessly blend with international requirements.