Forde & Semple Mediaworks offers three core Consulting Services for advertisers, covering Agency Pitch Management, Agency Contract Review and Agency Remuneration consultation. Following is a short overview of each of these key services and their importance in today’s increasingly complex business environment.


Forde & Semple Mediaworks primary media consulting practice is geared to Media agency pitch consulting.

Our role is focused on managing key parts of the agency review and pitch process and assisting the advertiser in appointing the right agency for their specific needs.

We bring to bear in this process a deep understanding of the Canadian media and agency landscape as well as clear knowledge of how media is sold and purchased in the Canadian Market.

We are not simply template driven and our data collection process from the competing agencies reflects our knowledge of the Canadian market and is designed to be actionable in the following years to measure agency deliveries regardless of changes to planning strategies.

We have a 4 stage process that we follow:

Stage 1

Full review of the current agency assignment.

Stage 2

Establish scope of the search, develop Request for information (RFI) and develop evaluation criteria.

Stage 3

Development of RFP and pitch criteria.

Stage 4

Evaluation of pitch submissions, recommendations and transition plan.


Lots of things to consider when reviewing and finalizing your agency contract beyond the ‘standard’ business terms: the specific services covered in the scope of work, establishing an approach for annual agency reviews, transparency in all media and production costs and deliverables, ensuring staffing is balanced in seniority for the long term, not just the initial, ‘honeymoon’ phase, ensuring the right to audit (including access to any / all buy data), securing all AVB’s for the advertiser and ensuring the client retains both ownership and confidentiality of all data that comes out of any digital buying / tracking. These are the often overlooked areas that need to be codified in writing, with no ambiguity, so that all parties are aware of the expectations and the responsibilities for delivering against them.

We can help to identify missing or ambiguous contract terms by reviewing your current contract prior to an update or your ‘in-progress’ contract prior to it being finalized and signed.

Our aim is to suggest improved contract language and terms to improve clarity in your future advertiser/agency relationship and to reduce possible financial exposure.


There are numerous compensation models existing in the agency world – all have reasons for being, but depending upon the services and staffing requirements of the business, some will work better for certain clients and some are better for others. The out-dated ‘commission’ system has, for the most part, given way to fee, spend-based, cost-plus, retainer, and payment by results remuneration schemes, each of which may be applicable to different ‘types’ of advertisers or projects.

We can work with you to understand your needs and identify the best practice options to serve as basis for remuneration, and provide you with insight as to the reasons why one option may be better than the others to meet your business needs.